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Thank you so much for stopping by! 

I am Alexandra, but most call me Allie 

I am a Melbourne stylist & photographer, based in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. 

My love has always been with photography, whether that be capturing people, nature, spaces, stories or moments.
I love the magic that can be expressed through photographs, where enchanting worlds can be created & captured. 

I am deeply inspired by nature and the beauty it gifts us. 

I am whimsical & elegant in the way I tell a story of what I’m capturing through my lens.  I use my photographs as a way into sharing a space & connection into a world where people want to experience some kind of magic. I focus a lot of my work around natural elements and the ever changing natural light. I am drawn to the moody scenes and environments that help to evoke these feelings and stories created within them.  

I am a known nature addict & admirer of the unknown. 


For inquiries, please email:

Instagram | alliepaff 

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